Why men pay for escorts

Why men pay for sex and escorts

Why men pay for sex and escorts

Why men pay for sex and escorts

Prostitution is the oldest work in the world, according to a famous proverb. Since ancient times we can find written testimonies of prostitution and of people who paid women they were slaves for sex. Since the days of Babylon, prostitutes used their mouths for oral sex and honey to make the blowjob more exciting, in Pompeii bricks had been built and in every city, the parents sent their teenage children to prostitutes to make them lose their virginity.

Despite the great history of prostitution, this activity is still very much opposed by extremely religious people, politics and the church. Prostitution, or selling your body in exchange for money is immoral, illegal and very dangerous activity. Many serial killers (such as the Green River Killer in America) specialized in killing prostitutes, and the news is full of stories of women forced to do this work to pay debts or under blackmail.

Also, attending a prostitute is a severe betrayal for every woman, wife or girlfriend, and is a significant cause of divorce.

But it is imperative to understand the motivations that push a person to pay a woman for sex. In fact, motives are often not the mere sexual impulse, but a way to release stress or escape for a few hours to an unsatisfactory life.

Here are the main reasons that push a man, boyfriend, single or married, to pay prostitutes for sex.

# 1: Hidden fantasies

Every man has well-defined sexual fantasies, which manage to excite him effectively. Some men are aroused by looking at their feet, others love stiletto heels or garter belts. Other men like to do cumshots on the face or on particular parts of the body (feet, breasts) or are foot fetishists or just want to do anal sex.

These fantasies are often perceived as “weird” by some women, who do not want to collaborate in realizing them (legitimate choice). The impossibility of achieving these fantasies (or the shame of asking them) leads many men to pay a prostitute to know them.

The prostitute does not judge the fantasies and realizes them at a fair price. For these people recognize at least once these fantasies is worth any amount.

# 2: A secure lover

For many men, having a regular lover is a huge risk, which can lead to divorce and the payment of monthly food to the ex-wife.

The regular lover sooner or later is no more extended content to have the man for a short time and will begin to be more intrusive, demanding more attention and threatening the privacy of the man and to reveal everything to his wife.

Man is always at risk of being discovered due to emails, messages and phone calls.

An escort is a perfect lover because she does not aspire to become the new partner, she is not really interested in knowing the man and is content to be paid.

With the passage of time, it is possible that between the escort and the recurring customer can be born a feeling of friendship or a confidential relationship, but a real professional does not fall in love with the customers and has no interest in ruining their life or marriage.

# 3: Erase stress

A family, having a relationship, children, a home, are all things that have pleasant aspects, but also enormous responsibilities and stress. Surely there will be days full of tension, anxiety, fatigue, external factors that will influence the mood of a man or woman and prevent sex.

The escort is considered an effective way to cancel stress, to have an hour of tranquility and to have sex without any obligation. Enter, pay, sex, go out.

The escort is seen as an outlet for men who can not manage the responsibilities in the best way.

# 4: Unsatisfactory sexual life

As already mentioned, many external factors can significantly influence a person’s sex life, leading to moments of beautiful sex and moments of abstinence or unsatisfactory sex. In particular, the arrival of a child is an event that completely revolutionizes the sexual life of a couple, which is significantly reduced.

A limited sex life (especially if a man is used to doing it several times) is a very common motivation for men who frequent prostitutes because they want to go back to sex as they used to do, but now, for reasons beyond their control, they can no longer do.

# 5: Pulse

The man has the instinct to mate with many women, this behavior is a legacy of the past, where the man had to put many women pregnant to ensure heirs. In some cultures (such as those in the Middle East) polygamy is still socially acceptable, whereas in Western civilization it is not.

The impulse of man, even if married or engaged, is to have sex with many women, and one of the easiest and fastest ways is to pay a prostitute for sex and not compromise their privacy.

These people do not have sex with other women because they are no longer in love with the partner, but they follow only an instinct, it’s something they can not control.

# 6: Mentality

In Western society, man is almost obliged to be a seducer who has had sex with so many women in his life. Likewise, every man within himself has a great fear of getting old and being able to have sex with much younger girls for them is an excellent proof of manhood, even if the sex is paid.

These are the main reasons that push a man to pay for an escort.

These are mainly selfish reasons, where men do not feel fulfilled or want to feed their ego. A proper dialogue between husband and wife can be a solution to the problem, even if the prostitutes will always have a great charm for many men.

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